What Kind of Travel Pillow is Best (and right for YOU)

What Kind of Travel Pillow is Best (and right for YOU)

With an ever-growing selection of travel pillows on the market, choosing the best pillow can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. When you're trying to prepare for a trip or vacation, that's the last thing you need to deal with.

Our goal here is not to cover every travel pillow option available, but rather to point out the main features and design elements so you can determine what kind of travel pillow is best for you.

Common Types and Styles of Travel Pillows

There are definitely other features to compare when choosing a travel pillow, but we believe this is a great starting point. Narrow your search to the Type (inflatable of stuffed) and Style you desire in a travel pillow.

1. Travel Pillow Types: Inflatable or Stuffed

Choosing between an inflatable or stuffed travel pillow is a great first step in narrowing your pillow search.

Inflatable Travel Pillows
Stuffed Travel Pillows
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Less chance of overheating your neck/face


  • Good support
  • More selection available


  • Can have a hollow or bouncy feel
  • Can pop or deflate rendering them useless


    • Bulkier and Heavier
    • Foam filling can have strong odor
    • Foam can make you hot and sweaty


    Inflatable pillows are great when space is at a premium, but you still want comfort.


    Traditional stuffed pillows are great when you have the space and are not concerned with overheating.

    2. Common Styles of Travel Pillows

    Style Overview Example
    U-Shape Most commonly found type of travel pillow. They can be inflatable or stuffed with foam or micro beads. U-Shape Pillow - ONWEGO
    Behind-the-Neck Very versatile option as they can be used on planes and also in cars/trains/buses. Behind the Neck Pillow - ONWEGO
    Wrap-Around Unique design wraps around your neck to provide support for sleeping upright. Wrap Around Travel Neck Pillow - ONWEGO®
    Rectangle Pillow Typically filled with either foam or polyester stuffing, these pillows are closer to a bed pillow. Compressible Travel Pillow - ONWEGO

    Travel Pillows with a Unique Design

    So much of finding the best travel pillow is about personal preference. What's comfortable to one might not be comfortable to the next. For this reason, the travel pillow is constantly evolving as companies try to cater to those preferences. Through that evolution, some interesting pillow designs are created. Some that have caught on and become extremely popular and others that fail fast.

    Here are some unique travel pillow designs that seem to work well:

    J-pillow Travel Pillow - Offers Head, Neck, and Chin Support

    J Pillow Travel Pillow - ONWEGO®

    Travelrest Cross-Body Pillow - Full lateral support for the upper body

    Forward Laying Pillow (Inflatable)

    Forward Laying Travel Pillow - ONWEGO®

    FLEXi 4-in-1 Convertible Travel Pillow 

    Convertible Travel Pillow - ONWEGO®




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