Camping Accessories for Dogs

Camping Accessories for Dogs

Some may look at bringing their dog camping as being a hassle or source of added stress. But many camping enthusiasts say some of their best and most memorable camping trips were ones where their furry friend tagged along. Dogs benefit from time outdoors just like their owners do. Consider bringing some of these camping accessories for dogs on your trip - they’ll make for an enjoyable and comfortable time for both you and your pooch.

Water Bowls/Water Dispenser

It’s crucial to keep your dog hydrated, regardless of the temperature outside, but especially when the weather is warm and dry. Consider bringing a collapsible water bowl or a portable water dispenser with an attached tray. Both are great options, but we personally like the dispensers with an attached tray - they’re just more convenient.

Spiral Stake for Securing Your Dog 

If your dog is the wandering type, or you just want to keep them close-by, a spiral stake is a simple way to accomplish this. They are extremely easy to use (works just like a corkscrew) and are just a great thing to have around. When shopping for a spiral stake, make sure to find one of the appropriate strength for your dog’s weight.

Sleeping Bag for Dogs

While not necessary for summer, when you are planning a fall or winter outing, you’ll definitely want to bring something to keep your pup warm. These dog-sized sleeping bags will definitely make your pawed pal more comfortable during a cool night. Simply unzip to make a sleeping area for those warmer nights when added cover isn’t needed.

Tent for Dogs

Depending on your dog, this last camping accessory may or may not be ideal. If you don’t want to share your tent with your pup, consider a tent designed specifically for dogs. There are many different styles, including some that transform into a sun shade. This versatile option works great for summer camping when the sun creates a real chance for overheating.


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