7 Best Songs to Listen to When Hiking

7 Best Songs to Listen to When Hiking

You know what makes the hiking more intense, fun, and enjoyable? When you listen to some music that fits perfectly with your hike! When creating a playlist for your hike (much like for a running playlist) you might want tunes that have a rhythm that closely match the pace at which you'll be hiking. Or you might want a playlist that matches your mood. Regardless, we've hand-picked a few of our favorite hiking songs and wanted to share them with you.

Hiking Song 1: Elevate – St. Lucia

There's something about 80s-influenced music that just makes you feel like going that extra mile. This song by the South African band St. Lucia, has that retro pop feel to it with great bass lines and perfect percussions. Not to mention the very encouraging lyrics of the song (“No one’s elevate you now, no one’s gonna take you there – except maybe for yourself). Listen to this track when you need that extra push.

Hiking Song 2: The Man – The Killers

Feeling a bit funky and tough? Well, this song is perfect for you. Brandon Flowers and his now disbanded band The Killers had have delivered great tracks for more than a decade and this one is definitely a favorite. You are strong, you are fit, and you can definitely finish that hike!

Hiking Song 3: Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees

This song has been around with us for ages and it clearly hasn’t aged one bit. The British-Australian trio made this song popular back in the 70s when it was used as a soundtrack for the movie Saturday Night Fever (that John Travolta in a white suit movie). Though this song has become a disco anthem ever since, it doesn’t hurt to consider this to your list of hiking songs.

Hiking Song 4: Happy – Pharrell Williams

When this infectiously “happy” song by Pharrell Williams was released, people all around the world couldn’t help but dance – and record – till their hearts’ content. And it quickly became a viral inspirational song across the globe.

Hiking Song 5: Hella Good – No Doubt

This is probably the only entry in this list that belongs to the sub-rock genre but who really cares. It’s a Gwen Stefani song. It might have a little dark theme to it but that bass solo and upbeat tempo is a great companion when you're walking those trails.

Hiking Song 6: Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay

“I feel my heart beating… Oh you make me feel like, like I’m alive again. Alive again…”

This is the perfect explanation of what hiking does to you. You will definitely feel like you’re alive again after listening to this along your hike!

Hiking Song 7: Eye of The Tiger - Survivor

And of course, who could possibly forget this song? If the lyrics, iconic rhythm, and this song’s notoriety won’t move you, I don’t what will. Originally used as the theme song for “Rocky III” – which catapulted Sylvester Stallone’s career – this song has been staple background music for runners and those getting their fitness on. 

What songs would you add to this playlist? Comment down below!


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