You need to get outside and play

You need to get outside and play

We're happy to share with you a special guest post from our good friends Scott and Laura at Adventure With Us, in which Scott, an avid outdoorsman (seen below snowshoeing in Breckenridge Colorado), emphasizes the importance of 'getting outside to play'.

Breckenridge ColoradoThis winter we survived the biggest snow storm Colorado has seen in the last ten years. Ok, maybe survive is an extreme over-exaggeration, but for three days our world was covered in a thick blanket of white. Cars were stranded, schools and businesses closed, store shelves were cleared of bread and milk as our community hunkered down to wait out mother nature’s wrath. 

On the second day of the storm, my wife Laura and I joined our snow shoveling community outside. But unlike our neighbors, we weren’t clearing the driveway. Instead…we’d put on our cross country skis to explore our local streets. We got some strange looks, many smiles, and a few cell phone video captures from onlookers. 

We were having fun. Instead of seeing the storm as a hinderance like so many around us, we were enjoying the incredible opportunity for play in the new environment created right at our door step. Surprisingly, few chose to participate. In fact, the only others playing were children.

It was an interesting reminder of a time in our younger years when most of us lived to play. As a teenager, I worked simply to have extra money for outdoor play on a larger scale with bigger toys (bikes, snowboards, surfboards, etc.). But something interesting happens after college. Work becomes life. Yes, bills have to be paid, yes, our families need to be provided for, but I think most of us have forgotten how to play.

Like most children, Laura and I grew up playing outside. Only we got to do it in a much grander setting then most, she in Alaska and I in California. We had the mountains and ocean at our doorstep. As adults, we met each other in Colorado, a rich landscape of playgrounds that formed the backdrop to our courtship and helped continue the habit of play into our marriage. Let me tell you, these first few years have been so much fun! Four years together hardly qualifies us to give sage marital counseling, but if we can offer one piece of advice, it would be for other couples to play more together. Get outside, find a trail, let go of the stress that so regularly weighs us all down. Yes, play can be anywhere, but there is something about the outdoors that lends itself to setting people free.

Now here is the interesting part…even with a history of playing, Laura and I still have to fight for it. You will to. Even now you may be making excuses why getting outside is too much of an inconvenience. Trust me, we've never regretted the decision to temporarily set aside the demands of life in exchange for the wondrous playground this world has to offer. May you find all the beauty this life has to offer as well.

Interested in seeing how ONWEGO products are making our choice to play easier? Check out our latest video adventure (includes a sneak peak of our neighborhood cross-country ski session) and hopefully we’ll see you out there soon!


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