Simple Sleeping Tips for Campers

Simple Sleeping Tips for Campers

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Even the most adventurous person needs a good night's sleep. Now keep in mind, anytime you're not sleeping in the comfort of your own bed, getting good rest can be challenging. To help you increase your chances of getting good sleep on your next camping trip, we’ve put together a few helpful sleeping tips to consider.
Choose your campsite wisely
It’s much easier to pick the right campsite before you start setting up camp. If you’re a light sleeper, consider a campsite that’s not too close to other campers (if possible) or to high-traffic areas such as the showers and restrooms. If you’re camping in the warmer seasons of the year, you might want a spot that offers shade from mature trees. This will help keep your tent cooler so it’s not baking when you get in for the night (or during the day for a quick power nap).
Bring the right sleeping bag (and sleeping pad)
There’s nothing worse than having a great campsite and being completely uncomfortable. A sleeping bag is a must-have regardless of the season. That said, make sure you have a sleeping bag that sufficient for the weather. If you’ll be sleeping on the ground it’s a good idea to bring along a sleeping pad. There’s a ton to choose from but most are self-inflating - simply open the air valve and they come to life. If you get too hot during the night, you can also use your sleeping bag for additional padding!
Consider  bringing a camping pillow
The more you can make your sleep while camping comparable to what you’re used to at home, the better your chances of waking up feeling like you actually slept. A pillow is a great way to increase your overall camping experience and really allow you to get some sleep. But do you want to drag along your big bulky pillow from your bed? Do you want to risk it getting dirty? Luckily there are pillows designed specifically for camping. They are compact, durable and surprisingly comfortable. Definitely a consideration!
Secure your food and other important gear
It should go without saying but many times people fail to think of obvious things when they are enjoying themselves. Whenever you decide to leave your campsite or call it a night, make sure you secure your food and gear. It’s possible for animals and other campers to find what you leave out. Also, the weather can change quickly and damage or take what you leave out. It’s one last thing for you to worry about after you get in the tent for the night and one last thing to distract you from peaceful sleep.
Hopefully these short tips will help you when it comes time to prepare for your next camping trip. Just remember, it’s much easier to prepare before you make it to the campsite -- so plan ahead!


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