Experience the Best Camping Trip Ever with these 4 Tips!

Experience the Best Camping Trip Ever with these 4 Tips!

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You are already tired and stressed out from your non-stop life. To top it off, you've always been the type to obsess over the details and need everything to be organized. You day-dream of escaping the busyness you call life for a relaxing trip in the great outdoors. But the dream is interrupted by thoughts of all the daunting preparation and packing that goes along with camping. It doesn't have to be that bad. Camping can be an enjoyable experience if you follow these 4 simples tips.

Prepare your fire kit

    You might be picturing yourself as a Neanderthal, rubbing two stones together to get their food cooked, or worse, warm their bodies. The good news is that this is the age of science and advancement. There are inexpensive and portable stoves available at that you can take along. If you'd rather have a more authentic camping experience, you'll want to check in advance of your trip to see if the camping facility has firewood readily available.

    Protect your toiletries from the elements

    Imagine the disastrously humorous situation where you are at your favorite campsite, enjoying yourself in the rain and when you suddenly realize that the toilet tissue you brought along is now wet and useless. You can store your toiletries in spare containers such as empty coffee cans or just an ordinary zip-lock bag.

    Make sure to pack your survival kit

    Your shadow can leave you, but these darned mosquitoes will stick as your lifelong companions, from hell and back. Do include a first aid kit in your camping supplies. Usually, there are insects that can make you just as miserable as any of those pesky mosquitoes. In order to give them a taste of their own medicine, mix tea-tree essential oil with some water and pack the mixture in a spray bottle. Make their life as difficult as they try to make yours.

    Pack your food properly

    Cooking can be one of the bigger challenges while camping and potentially ruin your mood if not approached with proper preparation. You can half-prepare your food to make it easier to cook on camp fire.  You can bring things like dry pancake mix, a lot of kernel popcorns, and easy to make coffee packs. Also, you can make an omelet in a zip lock bag over boiled water. Just be creative and you’ll definitely survive your trip!

    With a little preparation and some fun creativity, camping can truly be enjoyable!


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